There is No Such Thing as Misery



Okay, I won’t beat around the bush. I haven’t had the chance to blog for a very long time because I couldn’t have a concrete topic to write about. My thoughts were in a disarray, I was too busy being preoccupied. I know a lot would say that if you have a blog, content should be published regularly for the good of your blog’s sake but let me tell you why I’m not upset or guilty at least.

I have acknowledged the existence of phases;  the different periods in our lives.  The concept of phases is embedded so deep in that we fail to notice it. I have reflected about this and realized that people tend to disregard the beauty of today and baske in the misery of their misfortune.  Yes, we have struggle but I don’t necessarily consider difficulty as misfortune.  You may disagree with me but I think there is no such thing as bad times or sorrow. There is only time.

See, at my age, I’d love to have my own car and drive around the city or whatever girls in chick flicks do. But that’s not how it is for me. I commute. I have experienced the whole sardines thing in the MRT. I have waited under the sun, sweating like I was in the gym working out while waiting for a jeep. I have stood up inside the bus because it was too full and I just wanted to go home already. Commuting is fun sometimes. It can be considered as an adventure. But when it’s not your good day, you’re tired and you just want to sit in a comfortable, air conditioned car, commuting is not gonna be fun at all. Knowing that I have friends who just drive around comfortably while I get squeezed in a train, face to face with people oozing with unpleasant odors, does not give me joy at all.

But see, I have come to realize something. Right now, I’m in a phase where I commute, I can’t really go shopping everyday, I can’t afford 300 Peso Macchiatos at a hotel  for my everyday coffee and you know what?  That is absolutely fine.  This is my current phase and there’s nothing wrong with it because right now I’m in a phase where I get to interact with people from different walks of life. I am challenged to mix and match my wardrobe which develops my creativity. And I get to enjoy 3-in-1 Great Taste instant coffee which helps me appreciate the simplest things in life. Do you  get my point?

Here’s the best part:  Phases are temporary.  It all passes. My “struggling” 20 year old phase will pass. I’m sure of it. And by the time I am able to have my afternoon tea worth 500 Pesos, wearing an Hermes scarf while my chauffeured Bentley waits for me, I will reminisce at where I am right now and thank God for giving me phases in my life where I learned a lot and got to know Him better.




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