To Your Bipolar Self-esteem




Sure, you have days when you think you could be on the cover of Vogue, resulting in your #sorrynotsorry #nofilter #selfie for people to see on Instagram, but then there’s also that day when you think you need a face job. Nose too round, eyebags too big,  face too multicolored, and body too fat? Whatever it is you hate about your body, honey, embrace it.

Here’s how you can embrace your already beautiful self:

1. Be your own standard of beauty.

Reality is, the media has already dictated what beautiful is:

model skinny

rock-hard biceps

Angelina’s pouty lips

sex cuts

Kate Upton’s rack

long legs

Zac Efron abs

bubble butt

and thigh gap.

If you’re not any of these, does that mean you’re ugly? I don’t think so. Our world is so diverse, it’s impossible that these limited characteristics are the only definition of beauty. You are you and I think that’s beautiful.

 2. Stop acting like a microscope.

“OMG. I have a new pimple!”  That minuscule flaw you’re making too much of a big deal of is nothing compared to your over-all beauty.

3. You’re not a doll. You have mind and soul.

In case you forgot, your whole being is not just comprised of your looks. Yes, it is very important to feel good about how you look, but please don’t let your self-worth depend on your outward appearance. Don’t just aim for a fit physique. Aim for wisdom and a kind heart. Don’t settle on being a pretty face. You’re more than what you look like.



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