An Open Letter to The Misunderstood

To The Misunderstood




I believe we’ve all been there, we hear a whole lot of what others think of us. People your age label you as a druggie, a loser, the fat one, a party girl, the one who cuts classes, the one who can’t get girls, the one who always gets some, the bad influence of the group. Your parents think you’re stubborn, stupid, a lazy ass, the rebel, the immoral, the sinful one, the no good black sheep, the lesser child, the ugliest child. Well how about you? How do you see yourself?


People will always have an opinion. They will have their own version of how they describe you, how they see you in their minds. But is it worth it to bother yourself with every individual’s judgment? When we’re outside the comforts of our solace, we tend to show only a third of what is really going on underneath our social façade. This means only you know who you really are 100%. Well not just you, but God too. And you know what? He thinks you’re pretty amazing.


Yes, they may have a negative opinion of you because of a not so smart decision you’ve made in the past. But let me tell you this: Your past, your mistakes and your unfortunate experiences, do not define who you are. Your worth is not based on what you have done or what others think of you. Your worth is based on Him alone. He loves you. And let me say this again, He thinks you’re pretty amazing.  So… how do you see yourself now?





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