About Eulaivi

Hello, gorjas!

I’m Eulaivi but you can also call me Sam. Let’s just go straight to the point. I LOVE BEYONCE and I think Bruno Mars is a sexy beast.

I’m a 23 year old Financial Consultant, INFJ, who loves to write, travel, and take pretty pictures and videos.

I started this blog because maybe, in my own small way, I could help someone regain her/his self-esteem. Maybe I could empower someone who’s giving up on life. Maybe through my writing, I could virtually hug someone experiencing heartache. This blog was made to inspire anyone who’s been feeling unwanted, unloved, ugly, or hopeless. In a world filled with apathy, I guess being able to communicate love, hope, and everything positive counts.

I also started an online community called Thrive Hive which aims to educate people, especially young adults to manage their finances responsibly. Ever since I got into my profession, I became passionate about promoting financial literacy. I believe being money smart prevents so many interpersonal issues, and it also paves way to the actualization of our biggest dreams; so please do like, follow, and share the Thrive Hive page.

Thank you so much and feel free to message me via email or just comment on any of my posts!




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